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Sotheby's autumn sale of Essential Replica watches on Sunday 13 November 2011 will probably be spearheaded by a Rolex wristwatch that belonged
to 1 from the leaders from the post‐World War II era: the very first Chancellor from the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad
Adenauer. Enjoying a comparable illustrious provenance is Konrad Adenauer's Rolex an exceptionally uncommon and historical Rolex that
belonged to Konrad Adenauer. Presented towards the German Chancellor in 1955, this historical 18K yellow gold automatic centre seconds
wristwatch with date and bracelet (ref. 6305/1)six has been by kept in its original situation from the Chancellor's descendants and
seems for the very first time in the marketplace with an estimate of CHF 60, 000�?0 rolex r1628 , 000/ $66, 500�?9, 000 (illustrated beneath).
Engraved on the back with Konrad Adenauer's name, this excellent piece of background is accompanied by its original leather folder
along with a letter dated 16 September 1955 from Rolex's founder Hans Wilsdorf towards the German Chancellor.
Initial chancellor from the Federal Republic of Germany, founding member from the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Konrad
Adenauer (1876�?967) presided more than the reconstruction of his nation following Globe War II and is these days regarded as as 1
from the founding fathers of Europe. His 14 years in the head of West Germany, from 1949 to 1963, had been crowned by numerous
achievements when it comes to domestic and foreign policy regardless of the division of Germany. In 1951, the nation established a
foreign workplace (with Adenauer himself as Minister of Foreign Affairs till 1955), accomplished complete membership within the
Council of Europe and contributed towards the creation from the European Coal Steel Neighborhood. In 1952, Germany participated within
the formation from the European Defense Neighborhood.
1955, the year when Adenauer received the present watch, is an essential date in German background . Following becoming integrated into
Western defense structures and recovering complete sovereignty in Might 1955, the Federal Republic of Germany engaged in direct talks
using the Soviet Union. On 13 September 1955, following Adenauer's state go to in Moscow, the two nations agreed to resume complete
diplomatic relations and trade negotiations. ´One from the final but not the least achievements of Chancellor Adenauer was to
decisively advance the trigger of German‐French friendship -a rapprochement that culminated using the Elysee Treaty in 1963. Owing a
lot towards the mutual self-confidence and individual friendship in between Konrad Adenauer and French President Charles De Gaulle,
these agreements not just sealed permanent reconciliation in between the two states but additionally paved the method to the
construction of Europe surf watches , a continuous aspiration of Adenauer's visionary leadership.
Rolex these days announced 5 awards for Young Laureates at a press conference in New Delhi, India, to encourage leadership and
excellence within the subsequent generation and to acknowledge a surge of applications from young individuals for the Rolex Awards for
Enterprise this year.
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Sotheby's autumn sale of Essential Replica watches on Sunday 13 November 2011 will probably be spearheaded by a Rolex wristwatch that belonged
to 1 from the leaders from the post‐World War II era: the very first President from the Republic of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. About
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